Don't Miss Out on Maximum Event Attendance! Do these steps to Build Buzz!


3/11/20243 min read

I've worked with event coordinators and marketing professionals from literally all over the globe for the past two decades, making event highlights reels and other engaging content centered on industry events. From my perspective I'm going to share three simple steps to get the most out of your promotional content before and after your event to generate excitement.

I've learned so much from clients over the years creating content for them and observing strategies for generating momentum around an event and these 3 hot steps will fast track you to generating buzz and uniting your participants around the bigger purpose for your event.

Also stick till the end, I'm going to share what I think is a muy caliente super spicy tip everyone should ALWAYS include in their content strategy.

Step 1: Prioritize Pre-Event Teasers

Pre-event teasers! The magic of anticipation can't be overstated. Well in advance before the event, create bite-sized, buzz-worthy teaser videos that highlight the unique aspects of your event to ignite excitement and curiosity. This could be as simple as repurposing footage from the previous years event, I think video is way more effective than photos, that's just me though. Really you want to start dripping content that captured the essence of the event, out as much ahead of time as possible. Quick clips of keynote speakers, glimpses of the venue, enthusiastic images of the audiences. Create a narrative that invites your audience to be part of something that feels like it's once in a lifetime.

Step 2: Embrace Real-Time Updates

Right before AND during the actual event, lean into pushing out video clips of real-time updates. It doesn't have to be crazy high quality, video from smart phones will be fine. High quality video, is the cherry on top. In the fast-paced world of events, keeping your audience in the loop is crucial. These aren't just updates; they're part of the storytelling journey, building momentum as your event approaches then pumping everyone up on social when the event actually starts. I worked with a corporate conference where we had simultaneous shooting and editing happening, which is common for a production. We would basically be producing real time high quality behind-the-scenes snippets – setting up stages, soundchecks, or even team members sharing their excitement. Then regularly during the event pumping out short videos of highlights at the end of the day. The schedule was intense for everyone, but once we all got in the groove, it was really so worth it for the overall vibe of the event. It's really about putting yourself in the shoes of the audience member. What will give them a 5 star experience. When people see footage of themselves and the speakers things that just happened a few hours prior, it's a bit of a wow factor that's injected into the audience. These real-time updates keep the audience engaged and they feel a sense of belonging. It makes them more than just attendees. Rather they become an integral parts of the event narrative. It's about crafting a continuous, captivating story that evolves and grows.

Tip 3: Leverage Post-Event Highlights

Unleash the POWER of Post-event highlights. The event might be over, but the journey continues. Post-event videos or sizzle reels that encapsulate the best moments can prolong the magic and keep the conversation going. I partnered with an educational conference to create a highlight reel that not only showcased key speakers and moments but also captured attendee testimonials and reactions. These videos served as a powerful marketing tool for future events, the strategy I mentioned before. You're getting ahead of the content game by expanding your bucket of content for the future, so you can craft a glimpse of the experience that awaits in the future. It's about extending the lifecycle of your event, turning a single day or weekend into a lasting memory and an irresistible call to action for your next adventure. Which tip are you most excited to implement? Drop your thoughts in the comments – let's get the ideas flowing!

And now, for that spicy tip I promised – Use the Unlimited power! of participant-generated content. Encourage your attendees to share their own clips and experiences during the event. It's authentic, it's personal, and it amplifies your event's reach through the most trustworthy channel – your own attendees. Plus, it provides invaluable material for your next round of promotional content. It doesn't have to be complex, it can be selfie testimonials from their phone, or you can have your video crew on the go throughout the conference document testimonials throughout the event for anyone just lingering around or on breaks. Just don't forget to get releases if anyone submits their own testimonial from their phone.


So there you have it, three steps to building momentum with your events marketing content. These aren't necessarily groundbreaking strategies, but they're potent strategies, and I've worked a lot of events where there wasn't this strategy of purposeful content in place. At the end of the day, it boils down to collaboration and curating your story. Until next time, keep planning, keep promoting, and keep creating those unforgettable moments!