5 Tips for Getting Great Video Shots with Your Phone at Halloween Parties or Trick or Treating with Your Kids

10/31/20231 min read

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Keep those hands steady for clear shots!

One of the most important tips for getting great video shots with your phone at Halloween parties or while trick or treating with your kids is to keep your hands steady. Shaky footage can ruin the overall quality of your videos. To avoid this, try using both hands to hold your phone and keep your elbows close to your body for added stability. If possible, consider using a tripod or a stabilizer for even smoother shots.

Keep lighting in mind, street lamps can be your best friend.

Lighting plays a crucial role in capturing great video shots. When shooting at Halloween parties or while trick or treating, be mindful of the available light sources. Street lamps can be your best friend as they provide a good amount of light and can create a spooky atmosphere. Position yourself and your subjects in well-lit areas to ensure clear and vibrant footage.

Shoot at eye level, make those little monsters the stars.

When filming your kids or other little monsters at Halloween parties or while trick or treating, try shooting at their eye level. This perspective helps to capture their expressions and emotions more effectively, making them the stars of your videos. Get down on your knees or find a lower vantage point to achieve this angle.

Don't zoom, get closer instead.

Zooming in while recording with your phone can result in blurry and pixelated footage. Instead of relying on the zoom function, try getting closer to your subjects. Consider turning on your phone's camera settings to its widest lens to capture a wider frame. This not only minimizes shaky footage but also ensures better clarity and detail in your videos.

Make sure to save battery for these unmissable moments.

The last thing you want is for your phone's battery to die in the middle of capturing those precious Halloween moments. To avoid this, make sure to save battery by closing unnecessary apps and reducing screen brightness. Consider carrying a portable charger or spare battery to keep your phone powered up throughout the festivities.